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Provocative suspicions aistifzazi: The perception of imperceptible (Distopia, fiction-dance, thought, ethics and aesthetics in “Paraiso no hay billetes” [Paradise there are no tickets] by Salud Lopez). LaboratorioSLD

Provocative suspicions aistifzazi
The perception of imperceptible
(Distopia, fiction-dance, thought, ethics and aesthetics in “Paraiso no hay billetes” [Paradise there are no tickets] by Salud Lopez) 

Research and development on diverse watch devices, comparatives and mise-en-scène related to a highly organic society by means of ITs in the information age. 
The creation of new methodologies as training for thinkers in motion and SLD Laboratory, new dialects between machine-humans and other instances of pedagogic experiences in creation, that took place together with the creation process of the play “Paraiso no hay billetes” by Salud López (2008-2018) to find targeted solutions to the issue of perception and understanding of interconnected nature between diverse systems, ecosystems and other systemic interrelations as invisible as underlying and body based language-thought structures that command diverse behavioural patterns at individual, social, and political levels by means of the union of technological, scientific  and artistic practice.
 Keywords: imperceptibles, dystopia, fiction-dance, organic society, machine-human
Artifact! This is how “Paraiso no hay billetes” is explained.
How a new play of choreo telematica, or let’s say of fiction-dance by Salud Lopez and her staff, even about how the public can be and is part of both the construct and the object: This new play wants to express itself as an artefact able to develop, evolve, transmute capabilities, and finally transhumane gour being thanks to a complex gestural dialogue between a Human’s mindset and a computer’s.  
If transhumanists speak of a new Human that breaks at last with Evolutive Theories, the ruse!, even overcoming death itself, however they say so giving too much importance and trust to technology itself, the trap!, as if advancements were only achievable now by chips. What we propose is still faith in Human entelechy itself of biologic and mood grow, even overcoming technological dependency, these own capabilities still to be developed and hidden in the time to come.
Ruse, it is not with technology but through itself and by itself. From a necessary openness to perception to a reconsideration of memory not as sealed devices but installed or living in the communication process itself and the overcoming of conscious barriers between things, individuals, and nature; space and time, as if they were different. For instance, this is what happens in Solaris play: human effort to communicate with a different and unknown entity, give back to us as a mirror new knowledge about ourselves that at the same time change our structures and our operating way, our way of being and existing. 
Or as the oxymoron that put in relation the opposites, strangers where new unimaginable possibilities of beauty. Summarizing, the new world needs new paradigms and request new definitions about everything. To set all constructs from scratch: this would be the ultimate goal; also of desire. This is a new way to start making it, the end, but anyhow we have to start anywhere
The generation process of this play will generate in its own a creation place, as it will take place in open working sessions as this one, online, from a dedicated workshop. Both the workshop and the waves are spaces aimed at a common tool and will be open to other happenings and experiences. It is something similar to what literary and philosophical saloons were in the 19th century, where thought, as waves and tides, was broadcast from.

Traducción: Manuel Muriel
Agradecimientos: Pepa Muriel y Manuel Muriel

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De no man's land à-nomal nomade.
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