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Deambulación-déambulation-deambulação.Senses Places @ Metaverse Cultural Series.LaboratorioSLD

El laboratorioSLD participa y difunde:

Senses Places @ Metaverse Cultural Series
Performance Participativa em Ambiente de realidade mista

É JÁ AMANHÃ NO Artcasa, Lisboa às 23h
IT'S ALREADY TOMORROW AT ArtCasa Associação, Lisboa, 11pm 
Rua Marechal de Saldanha, 28 (Bica)
1200 Lisboa, Portugal
» Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator, Second Life

AVACON's Live Video Stream


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Senses Places é uma performance participativa em ambiente de realidade mista; uma colaboração internacional em dança somática e tecnológica, testemunhando a emergência de interacções corporealizadas e ambientes complexos. A expressão que se aflora resulta das intricadas interfaces trans-modais entre performers participantes espalhados pelo mundo, os seus avatares, e mediações vídeo.

Senses Places is a playful mixed-reality performance and participatory environment; an ongoing somatics dance-technology international collaboration witnessing the emergence of complex embodied interactions and environments. The surfacing expression arises out of the intricate enmeshment of embodied and environment trans-modal interfacings amongst performers and participants across the world, their avatars, and video mediations.

Artistic direction: Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn (PT),                           Technological direction: Todd Cochrane aka Toddles Aeon (NZ),                 Performers-Avatars: Kae Ishimoto aka Junkae (JP), Liz Solo (NFL), Isabel Valverde aka Butler2 Evelyn (PT),  Kikas Babenko (PT), Sca Shilova (NL), SaveMe Oh (NL), Isa Seppi aka Janjii Rugani (BR), Clara Gomes aka Lux Nix (PT), Yukihiko Yoshida aka Island Habana (JP)                                     Animations: Isabel Valverde, Kikas Babenko, Sca Shilova, SaveMe Oh, Clara Gomes                                                                                
Environmental Dresses:  SaveMe Oh (NL)                                                 Color-Sound Interaction: Mick Mengucci (IT)                                               Odyssey Gallery Curator: Liz Solo (NFL)                   
Japan node coordinator: Yukihiko Yoshida (JP)                                                                                                                              
Other collaborators:                                                                                 Ana Moura aka Anisabel (PT), Keiji Mitsubuchi aka In Ian (JP),Nick Rothwell (UK) Neylan Aural (TK), Catarina Carneiro de Sousa(PT), Artica, and others     

We invite participants/avatars to contact Butler2 Evelyn or Toddles Aeon to get the HUD to activate the webcam interface and interact with the avatar through your body moves. A Giver object will be also at the site sharing the content and instructions.

Livestream video channels will be active during the performance providing telematic communication between the performers and with their and others' avatars inworld:

Please feel free to participate with us from this channel:
user: sensesplaces
pw: sensesplaces3

Second Life Host: Odyssey Simulator
The Odyssey Contemporary Art and Performance Simulator is a member-owned virtual space in Second Life dedicated to contemporary art and performance. The Odyssey simulator hosts projects by individual artists and organizations and provides resources, studio and exhibition space, technical assistance and more to support artists working in virtual places.

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
GAIPS - Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters' Group
CAT/IHSIS - Center for Arts and Technologies
Avacon, Metaverse Cultural Series 2013

La pensée en mouvement en « Tierra de nadie »
De no man's land à-nomal nomade.
Expérience pédagogique en création.

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